Wasteland Battlesuits

The following rules are for designing low tech battlesuits. They use TL6 hydraulics and steel scavenged from the wasteland or made from scrap combined with a few ultratech sensors to actually control it.

Power Armor

To design yourself a suit of powered armor, start by picking a basic chassis. There are four sizes, and two variants. Scout suits have a lighter chassis, making them less costly, but also less sturdy. They’re also lighter, but have the same engine power, which may make them a little faster.

Larger suits have more room for bigger hydraulics, so tend to be a little faster or capable of carrying heavier armor/weapons. They also have more mass, which makes them harder to destroy. There are really only two arguments against picking the biggest suit you can afford: A larger Size Modifier makes you easier to hit in combat and limits where you can go, and high mass makes the suit more awkward to transport by car.

Once you have a chassis selected, pick some arms for it. Generally suits will have as many arms as it’s owner (usually two). You cannot use a suit with less arms than you have, nor one designed for a different configuration of limbs than you have.

Third, you’ll need an engine or batteries to power it.


Chassis Wt. Cost HP SM Armor Weight/DR Armor Cost/DR
Small Scout 250 lbs $4,500x8($36,000) 25 +0 25 lbs $500
Small Marauder 400 lbs $5,000x8($40,000) 30 +0 25 lbs $500
Med. Scout 400 lbs $8,500x8($68,000) 30 +1 30 lbs $600
Med. Marauder 550 lbs $9,000x8($72,000) 33 +1 30 lbs $600
Large Scout 500 lbs $12,000x8($96,000) 33 +1 37.5 lbs $750
Large Marauder 750 lbs $13,500x8($108,000) 36 +1 37.5 lbs $750
Huge Marauder 1000 lbs $22,000x8($176,000) 40 +2 50 lbs $1,000

Marauders are sturdier than Scouts, but heavier and therefore most likely slower.

Armor is rated in weight and cost per point of DR it provides. Armor may optionally be cheap: multiply weight by 1.5 and divide cost by 5. Alternatively adamantine armor can be used: multiply weight by 2/3 and multiply cost by 30 (note that this cost applies only for crafting difficulty; when requisitioning adamantine from the fort, treat it as being worth $50 per pound).


Hands: Hands have functional grippers, and can function as human arms for most tasks. Their bulkiness and and the awkwardness of the controls means the user effectively suffers from Bad Grip 1 (-2 on many DX based rolls).
Weapon Mount: Choose whether this represents a melee Striker limb or a ranged Turret limb. The Striker is fully articulated, but lacks fingers or any other form of manipulators. A one handed melee weapon can be bolted on to it to serve as a combat weapon, otherwise it deals thr crushing damage at Reach C, and uses DX or Brawling. A Turret can mount any ranged weapon the arm is strong enough to use one-handed.

Arm Type ST Min Size Weight Cost
Hand 10 Small 6 lbs $600x8
Hand 15 Small 13 lbs $1,300x8
Hand 20 Medium 25 lbs $2,400x8
Hand 25 Large 40 lbs $3,700x8
Hand 30 Huge 55 lbs $5,400x8
Weapon Mount 10 Small 3 lbs $250x8
Weapon Mount 15 Small 7 lbs $500x8
Weapon Mount 20 Small 15 lbs $1,000x8
Weapon Mount 25 Medium 20 lbs $1,500x8
Weapon Mount 30 Large 30 lbs $2,150x8

Engines and Batteries

Chassis Battery Ethanol Engine Bio-Diesel Engine Tank Space
Small 10 Hours 15 lbs. $120 20 Hours/gal 20 lbs. $160 25 Hours/gal 3 gal
Medium 5 Hours 30 lbs. $240 9 Hours/gal 40 lbs. $320 12.5 Hours/gal 6 gal
Large 3 Hours 40 lbs. $320 6 Hours/gal 60 lbs. $480 8 Hours/gal 9 gal
Huge 2 Hours 70 lbs. $560 4 Hours/gal 100 lbs. $800 5 Hours/gal 14 gal
Small (Adv) 7.5 Hours 20 lbs. $160 15 Hours/gal 30 lbs. $240 20 Hours/gal 2.5 gal
Medium (Adv) 4 Hours 40 lbs. $320 7 Hours/gal 50 lbs. $400 9 Hours/gal 5 gal
Large (Adv) 2.5 Hours 55 lbs. $440 4.5 Hours/gal 80 lbs. $640 6 Hours/gal 8 gal
Huge (Adv) 30 Min 200 lbs. $1,600 45 Min/gal 300 lbs. $2,400 1 Hours/gal 9 gal

For engines, the table lists the weight, cost, and how many hours the vehicle can run on a single gallon of fuel. Both engines are TL6; higher TL engines massively increased cost for very little benefit, so are not included. For batteries, it simply lists how many hours the vehicle can run on a single battery.

Bio-Diesel engines are slightly more expensive, slightly heavier, and slightly more fuel efficient. The Advanced rows are for battlesuits with Advanced Hydraulics (below). These require more energy to run, so need bigger engines (which both use more fuel and leave less space for fuel tanks).

Tanks for a gallon of fuel costs $2 and weighs 2.5lbs. There’s limited room for fuel under the armor, as noted under Tank Space. You can mount external tanks, but you probably don’t want to. A battery costs $3,000 and weighs 5 lbs.


Movement speed depends on the total weight of the battlesuit (including the pilot). This also includes the weight of all weapons, armor, upgrades and carried gear. The table below shows the maximum weight a suit can be and still move at a given speed. The Advanced rows are for battlesuits with Advanced Hydraulics (below).

Chassis Move 3 Move 4 Move 5 Move 6 Move 7 Move 8
Small 1,300 lbs 650 lbs 400 lbs N/A N/A N/A
Medium 2,500 lbs 1,300 lbs 800 lbs 550 lbs N/A N/A
Large 4,000 lbs 2,000 lbs 1,200 lbs 800 lbs N/A N/A
Huge 6,500 lbs 3,500 lbs 2,000 lbs 1,400 lbs N/A N/A
Small (adv) 2,500 lbs 1,300 lbs 800 lbs 550 lbs 400 lbs N/A
Medium (adv) 5,000 lbs 2,500 lbs 1,500 lbs 800 lbs 550 lbs N/A
Large (adv) 7,500 lbs 4,000 lbs 2,500 lbs 1,500 lbs 1,150 lbs 850 lbs
Huge (adv) 12,500 lbs 6,500 lbs 4,000 lbs 2,500 lbs 2,000 lbs 1,450 lbs


Advanced Hydraulics

Using more advanced hydraulics (meaning a higher TL drivetrain) significantly increases the cost of a battlesuit (the cost of the chassis is in the hydraulics, so the price is almost doubled), but can also allow it to move faster. For any given battlesuit, this upgrade will roughly increase Move by 25%.
Size Cost
Small $30,000
Medium $60,000
Large $90,000
Huge $160,000
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