The World

From the Scouts Book of The World:


The world is not what it used to be. Once upon a time, the world was a full planet, with billions of people, trees, plants, birds, animals, and geography. Now, it is just a small part of that planet. What lies outside is unknown. If there are others out there, they are no better off than us, or just unable to reach us.

What we consider the world these days is a semi-habitable region of land south of the northern wastes, with a southern border of the Mediterranean Sea, western border of the Atlantic Ocean, and eastern border around the Adriatic Sea.

The northern and eastern borders are a radioactive wasteland of unknown size. Any expeditions in those directions have been fruitless, and the few returning survivors are all heavily mutated.

To the west, we have no boats that have been able to sail far enough to reach anything.

To the south, we have the desserts of the northern Africa. These locations were hardly inhabited before the cataclysm; after it none survive. The few larger settlements have suffered the same fate as the European we have encountered, though the radiation here is lower, if any at all.

Even in the semi-habitable region, there are more than enough traps. Any major city seems to present a decommissioned portal of some sort, and they are all surrounded by wastelands. Some of the stormy, others quite peaceful. Most are heavily irradiated.

Raiding bands are all over the place. Most are nomadic, semi-organized groups of 5-15 people. Most are quite peaceful and mostly scavenge and trade; while some are quite violent.

There are quite a few settlements around our new world. Most are accepting of us Scouts, even though they are sceptical to our claimed objectives.

With the cataclysm, magic and mutations were brought into the world. Exactly where it comes from, no one really knows. Some people seem to be more able to control the magic. If this is of genetic reasons or it comes from something else, we do not know for sure. Only sure thing is that anyone with magic capabilities are marked by it somehow.

Mutations also have an unknown background. Some of it can be attributed to high radiation, though some of the abilities we have seen are not natural.

Before the cataclysm, the world was a technological marvel. The Hyperloops through Europe could bring you from the Arctic Circle to Rome in a matter of a couple of hours. Even a trip to the Far East could be done within a day. And most local transportation issues was solved by either city-wide Hyperloops, or you jumped into an electric self-driving car to your final destination. These were efficient technologies, using as little energy as possible bringing anyone anywhere.

After the cataclysm, the energy production disappeared. The remaining energy generators and infrastructure were too complex to maintain, and immediately fell into disrepair due to lack of competent personnel.

Even with a major shift towards low energy transportation, many people kept their old, fossil fuelled cars of nostalgic reasons if nothing else. The armies also kept lots of backup vehicles just because they were old, grumpy people planning for an event like this.

The advantage of early 21st century equipment is that it is relatively easy to maintain and get to run on any fuel you can get your hands on. They may not be as efficient as they once were, but they can give you options.

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