The Villages
Name The Villages
Physical locations Surrounding the Fort in and out of Grenoble
Organization The United Front

What the United Front refers to as "The Villages" are a number of settlements and groups in the surrounding area, who provide the Front with food and supplies in return for protection.

The organization of the different villages differ largely. Some of them are close knit communities where all are living within a traditional village travelling to the fields in groups, while others act like more traditional rural settings with multiple, separate farms each with their surrounding fields.

The Monastery

A religious group located in the hills north-east of the Fort. They are collectors of knowledge, but produce enough food to trade. They are also the main producers of alcohol, and have lucrative trade. They lead simple lives and do not have strict religious views.

Most are pacifists, but due to their walls and some weaponry, they can stave off most attacks until help arrives.

They are semi-vegetarian, eating plants, fish, eggs, and milk.

Main export is vegetables, eggs, and alcohol, while fish, raw-materials for alcohol, and books are imported.

The Farms

The farms are many smaller independent farmers living to the south-east of Grenoble. They do not cooperate too well, but have a good trading relationship with the fort.

Main exports are all kinds of vegetables, meats, while imports are usually in the form of equipment and repairs.

The Fishing Village

Sunny Meadow lies by the lakes to the south. The surrounding area is in a bad state, and the village itself has seen better days. Higher than usual mana levels manifests itself as a constant thick fog in the area, and the crooked buildings of the village tends to loom menacingly in the fog. Whispers can be heard in the darkness, and phantom movements in the fog give the impression of being watched and followed to any visitors. The people here tend be a bit on the strange side, but they are very hospitable.

Main exports are fish, while anything else is imported.

The People's Hospital

This is a large collective farm operating out of an old hospital north-west of Grenoble. The collective was set up by a group of communist refugees from Lyon. They are very resourceful, and have many competent people, but they have a hard time actually expanding their utopian world view. The required trust and community spirit is hard to impress on outsiders. They keep a well trained militia, and also go out to convert others into their world view.

The hospital they are based in does have plenty of advanced equipment stored in the basement, and this is used for trade when they need something that is hard to get by.

Main exports are all kinds of plants, egg, milk, meats, and a hippy world view, while imports is fish, equipment, and repairs.

The Mushroom Farmers

The mushroom farmers are based in mines north of Grenoble. Most inhabitants have some kind of mutation, many having an almost symbiotic relationship with the mushroom they are farming.

Most interaction with the outside world are handled by the clean. The clean are people with no, or concealable mutations, but they are not discriminated against as such.

Main exports are mushrooms, while alcohol and fish are the main imports.

The Gatherers

This is not a village as such. These are loosely organized groups of scavengers, hunters, gatherers, and others with an allegiance to UF. Some visit civilization all the time, while others can be years between each sighting. They do not elect any leaders, but many of them consider The Twins as their spokespersons.

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