The United Front

The United Front (UF) is a paramilitary organization located in [The Fort] outside Grenoble. As the world went to shit, the old Napoleonic Fort overlooking Grenoble was transformed from a tourist trap to a military base. The Army abandoned the position at some point during the war, and it was taken over by a ragtag group of survivors. Given the relative safety of the position, nearby scouts herded other survivors to the place, including isolated military units and other highly competent people.

Influenced by the scouts, the United Front was formed from the more militarily inclined of the survivors. Their goal was to take back the wilderness and to restore law and order to the world. Over the next decades, the UF worked to make the area relatively safe and to establish contact with other survivors. Harsh winters and occasional mystic weirdness slowed the process down significantly, but friendly relations was established with dozens of settlements in the first 20 years. The UF took the role of a peacekeeping force, providing protection and security to the settlements in return for food and supplies.

But then, the original leader of the United Front died suddenly to a lucky shot by a raider. Command was thrust on The Old Boss, a man who was far better suited for management than for leadership. Expansion crawled to a halt, the initiative was lost, and the focus shifted to maintenance instead of improvement. Since then, the reach and power of the Front has decayed slowly.

Natural disasters or a poorly timed raid would render a settlement extinct, it's members moving elsewhere to find food and shelter. As settlements disappear from the Front's roster, the UF's supplies dwindled, crippling its ability to respond to future disasters. A negative spiral set in, until today the group has barely a handful of villages under its wing.

That's not to say that The Old Boss has been a bad leader. The settlements that have persevered have prospered under his guidance, and the Front itself has remained remarkedly stable in a changing world. His habit of conservation means the group has built up an impressive arsenal, including a fleet of vehicles sufficient to mobilize the whole gang whenever things get dire enough to justify the fuel cost.


UF is quite open to new members who prove themselves. The world in general may look down on Mages and Mutants, but in UF you get a chance to prove your worth.


UF has a long and proud history. It started out as a simple shelter where people sought strength in numbers.

Early leaders set up the agreements with the surrounding villages giving UF the relative richness and strength they got to this day.


The Old Boss has been the leader since 20 AC, with The Archivist as second in command since 31 AC. Given his advancing age, the Boss intends to throw in the towel within the year, leaving command to someone younger and more dynamic. He hasn't yet decided on who to pick, and the Front is currently a hotbed of intrigue as the more senior members of the gang attempt to discredit their rivals and look good in front of the Boss. The Quartermaster and The Crusader are especially involved in this diplomatic knife fight.


The Fort holds a large array of services needed to maintain equipment, transport, and protect the various parts of the region. It also has storage space for surplus resources, and trades with external parties as needed. The UF will ration out resources in times of scarcity, and generally function as government for large parts of the Grenoble area.


The Blitzers - UF has a decent relationship with the Blitzers. There are some trade, and both parties have realized that attacking the other is probably a bad idea. The Blitzers have a great relationship with The Cook, and requests originating from him are taken serious.

The Scouts - UF has a good relationship with the Scouts, having signed an agreement of hospitality and intelligence exchange as early as 3 AC. Any Scout know that UF is a safe haven and freely hand out any intelligence they might have.

Witch Hunters - As UF accepts mages and mutants, their relations with many Witch Hunter groups is understandably strained. Several of the Villages have been attacked by Witch Hunters who believe them to be harboring mutants or mages, and not just the villages which actually are.



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