The Twins
Alias The Twins
Organization The United Front
Age 30
Major personality traits Jokers. Pranksters. Anti-authorative. Mischievous.
Appearance Identical twins. Short, stringy. Restless.


The Twins are UF's chief rangers. They are more out of The Fort than in it, exploring the surrounding areas, gathering intelligence and resources.

They are newer able to stay too long in one location, or a conversation. They love pranking everyone, and one their favourites is their mistaken identity bit - they can play along for hours pretending to be the other one. The only one who can see through them is The Cook who treats the two as his adopted little girls and knows them as only a father can. This give them enormous leeway for pranks even in the kitchen.

They are always on the lookout for interesting items, and will take great risks to gather them. They also have an uncanny ability to know what is needed and bring it back.

As most twins, they seem to have a mental link with each other - always able to finish the others sentences. Even when they are kilometres away from each other, they seem to be able to know what the other is thinking.

In a discussion, they always voice their opinion. They tend to be for reaching out to the rest of the world, and are usually on the opposite side of The Quartermaster in any vote or discussion.

There is a mutual, grudging respect between them and The Archivist. They never deliver any paperwork, and use any opportunity to move files around in the filing cabinets, but they never mess with the important stuff. The Archivist does recognize that they are the best at what they do, and give them what they need. He will complain to everyone about all the trouble and extra work they give him. But when a new bow tie, stack of blank paper, or other handy items are mysteriously left in his office, most of the trouble is forgotten.

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