The Scouts

This page is about the organization. Information about playing as a scout can be found here.

The Scouts are a band of hunters with various backgrounds. They are based on the old Scout Movement as a group wanting to do good in the new world.

The Scouts formally formed in year 1 AC based on a Jamboree arranged in the Spanish mountains at the time of the cataclysm.

The Scouts function as a group trying to keep communication and diplomacy up and running. They are always travelling, trying to keep in touch with everyone.

They put their pride into being helpful to everyone. They are usually travelling in bands of 2 to 4 riders.

When a group of Scouts arrive at a settlement, they will help out with whatever tasks need helping. They are excellent mechanics and hunters, and are usually no burden on the settlements they visit.


The Scouts are a decentralised organization with no exact numbers. Their initial membership comprised of participants of a Jamboree in year 1 AC, making the older original members in the early 60's.

The Scouts are technologically capable. They usually travel in bands of 2 to 4 Scouts, but Loners are not unheard of. Preferred mode of transportation is hiking. Some prefer travelling by light motorbikes rebuilt to accept any kind of fuel, while other still use different forms of transportation like cars and small trucks.

All Scouts carry with them a notebook where they keep track of all information. The notes is in a secret code only known to the Scouts, with a secret key for each Scout in addition to a common key for notes relayed through others.

Anyone over the age of 15 can become a Scout. To be officially accepted as an Aspiring Scout at a Jamboree, you have to have a Mentor Scout responsible for your training. After two years as Aspiring, your Mentor can submit for you to be accepted as full Scout at the next Jamboree.

The complete count of Scouts is something the Scouts try to keep to themselves, but their numbers are assumed in the range 1000-1500 by outsiders.


The Scouts have no static locations. They travel around most of the year, mostly meeting up by accident. However, once a year they meet up for a Jamboree where information is swapped and plans for the future is laid. This is the occasion where new Scouts are accepted and bands are put together.

The location of any Jamboree is kept secret by all Scouts. The location of the next Jamboree is disclosed at the end of a Jamboree.


The Scouts will as travellers pick up much intelligence. And this is information that can have great value in the settlements they arrive in.

Any settlement the Scouts meet is requested to accept an agreement with the Scouts granting the Scouts free movement and hospitality in return for their services as intelligence bringers, messengers, negotiators, and general services.

If a group signs an agreement with the Scouts, they promise to always help a Scout with food, shelter, and other necessities. A Scout will also have limited hunting and scavenging rights. In return, the Scouts will help with whatever they can, disclose important information about the known territories, as well as act as neutral part in negotiations.


The Scouts have few direct enemies. Most people accept the Scouts as the Scouts will always help anyone in need, regardless of what they get back from it. As the Scouts travel with few valuables, no raiding band feel a need to raid them.

Even settlements with no agreements with the Scouts will give them shelter for a short time in change for work.

Main objectives

Build up a new world where everyone can live in peace and harmony.


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