The Quartermaster
Alias The Quartermaster
Organization The United Front
Age early 40's
Major personality traits Slick. Vindictive. Power hungry.
Appearance Medium height. Black, well-kept hair. Pencil moustache. Nice suit with matching shirt and tie


The Master of Quarters. The man who can make your life comfortable, or a living hell.

Through potent power playing, the Quartermaster is the man to know. Even when The Archivist grants or denies applications for equipment, the Quartermaster will see to that you get what he feel you deserve. Oh, you are granted a larger room due to your injury - please follow me to this new room. Up the stairs, through this crawl space, put your shoulder to the door to open it. Not wheelchair-friendly? Not my problem. He sees to it that those who have proven willing to scratch his back gets the best of everything, while those unwilling to see his point of view live in as much misery as he can manage.

He has quite a few followers, and knows how to use them. He somehow always end up on the winning side of an argument, even though everyone will swear that he held a diametrically opposite viewpoint when the argument started. The Twins and The Cook are the only ones really calling him on these plays.

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