The Pub - "Salut"

Note: proportions of the tables & benches on the left don't match the rest

Nature: Place
Location: The Fort
Owners: Laurent & Dino

An old-fashioned pub / tavern, where anyone in the United Front (and their friends) can go and relax after a long day of fighting for survival, kicking back back with a couple of drinks and just get away from it all.

Practically no two chairs match each other, as they're all looted from various car wrecks people have come across. Glass is rare and costly, so most drink is served in metal cups made out of old tin cans. And lastly, the "plumbing" in the toilet consists of 1) buckets, and 2) the fact that the room has a window to the outside of the Fort.

But there's an old and comfy couch in a corner, there's a mostly-even pool table, and a trusty dartboard to play with. The bar is newly hand-built with solid carpentry, and decorated with carvings of celtic/gallic knotwork. The drink is surprisingly high quality, made on a superb still custom-built by Toni the genius inventor. The place is surprisingly tidy and clean, in large part because undead skeletons are set to wash and clean up the place once all the guests have left for the night.

And last but not least, there's a small stage in the corner, with a modest dance floor in front.

For in a world without TV, radio, movies, internet, newspapers or books, entertainment is hard to come by. The people who run the "Salut" pub therefore try to help keep people's spirits up by staging frequent performances of various sorts, so as to improve the quality of life for the people of the United Front.

Everyone is welcomed to participate, and so there are sometimes "shows" where people perform juggling, ventriloquism, hypnosis, acrobatics, magical illusions, and so forth. But more regularly there's song and dance, usually with guitar accompaniment, as well as evenings of exciting storytelling.

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