The Old Boss
Alias The Old Boss
Organization The United Front
Age 74
Major personality traits Meticulous. Humble. Slow. Diplomat
Appearance Grandfatherly. Well-trimmed, white beard. Short. Heavy. Wears the proper clothes, and changes to the occasion, seldom using less than 5 different sets of cloths any day.


The Old Boss is the current leader. And he has been the leader for 20 years. The Old Boss alias is often used in contempt behind his back, but everybody treat him with the respect that is expected of a leader of his talents.

The Old Boss was one of the founding members of UF. He has always been around, and was always an important person due to his skillset. Being born into a aristocratic, rich family of diplomats, he was from an early age reared for a career in the diplomatic corps. He finished his doctorate in political science, with a master of business administration as a hobby, at the age of 22. The army then took him in for officers training, honourably discharging him at the age of 27 as Lieutenant so that he could join the diplomatic corps as expected of him.

In the early years after the cataclysm, he was a shrewd negotiator, getting great deals with any neighbours. The deals and work done in that era is the main reason why The Fort and UF have had so few issues with the rest of the world. He served as the second in command back then, working hard to further the agenda of the original leader of the group.

However, while he's undoubtedly an excellent second in command, the Old Boss lacks the initiative and creativity required of a true leader. So when the original leader died unexpectedly in AC 20 and the Old Boss took over, he was ill prepared to handle the task. Since then, the gang has been in a holding pattern. While it has remained diplomatically active, it has stopped expanding its territory and influence. On the military side, new threats have been allowed to grow and expand, rather than being anticipated and destroyed before they become too entrenched to deal with.

Slowly and irrevocably, the gang has stopped improving the surrounding areas in favor of merely maintaining the status quo.

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