The Illusionist
Alias The Illusionist
Name Amelie
Organization The United Front
Age 78
Major personality traits Opportunistic. Deceptive. Showmanship. Kind.
Appearance A gnarly old woman, white hair and smile that suggest she knows something you don't. When under glamor, a spotless beauty in early 20s, with golden hair gently flowing around her even when there is no wind to move it.


The Illusionist is a new addition to the United Front. She was first met during plot 1.2 in the little fishing village known as Sunny Meadow. There she creating a monster with her Illusion Magic in order to frighten the villager, while also posing under her glamor as a monster hunter who was there to deal with this threat. She'd been doing this con for decades, moving from village to village, stealing some things and getting other stuff as reward for "chasing off" the monster. Though she did make sure to never take so that that the people weren't left with enough to survive.

She was exposed by the players, though not to the villagers. The players brought her back to the United Front, to serve for her crimes. She was to use her talents with illusion magic to train new recruits. This did put her in a position to influence the new recruits, and she has been trying to use that position of influence to set herself up as a candidate for the next leader of the United Front.

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