The Fort
Name The Fort
Physical location Google Maps
Organization The United Front

The Fort is an old fort north of Grenoble city centre. It was built as Fort de la Bastille.

UF uses the Fort de la Bastille as a basis for its fortification, but has augmented and changed it to better fit the needs of a post-apocalyptic world.

The old main buildings are to a certain degree used as offices and sleeping quarters, but most choose to sleep and work in the large network of caves under the fort.

There's an old restaurant built into the Fort; it used to be a tourist destination overlooking the city of Grenoble, got repurposed as a military messhall at some point, and then turned into something more like a viking longhall by the Cook. It's got outdoor seating overlooking the city, and a large hall inside for colder days. Here, four meals are prepared every day by the Cook and the kitchen staff (roughly every 6 hours), allowing for communal meals regardless of shifts and duty rosters.

The upper level of caves are mainly armoury and pantry. There are also a few large assembly halls used for eating in cold weather. There is a backup kitchen as well. The upper level of caves is connected to the fort by a large staircase as well as a big ramp. Both with a built in collapsible roof to hinder attackers.

The second level of caves are the archives. Once upon a time, this was the catacombs of the fortress, and a tourist location. The plastic skeletons that used to to be shackled to the walls and napoleonic manikins that used to guard them have all been stuffed into storage, but the descriptive plaques remain. This level contain everything ever written in the UF, as well as libraries of important factual works. The Archivist claims this as his domain. It is connected with the level above through a ramp.

The third level of caves are mostly sleeping quarters and general areas. There is also a large gym and an assembly hall. It is connected with the level above through a ramp and a series of ladders.

The fourth level of caves are largely storage space. Connected with the level above through a steep ramp.

The fifth, and lowest, level of caves is basically one humongously large room called the hangar. The hangar is where all vehicles are maintained, and most of them are also stored here. There are side rooms with other repair shops. This level is where most people perform their daily duties. It is connected with the level above through a wide ramp up the back wall, and a lift for heavy equipment.

From the hangar there is also a long tunnel ending up in Grenoble.

Recent Upgrades

Medical Center: A medical shack has been set up on the surface, within the walls of the fortress proper behind the restaurant. A dozen beds and a decent stockpile of medicine has been gathered here, but that pales in comparison to the real wonder of the place: A pre-apocalypse automed station. It's AI is still completely insane, and insists on bolting random cybernetics on anyone placed within, but that might change. A damaged surgical 'robot' is a recent edition, which, when fully operational, allows surgery normally too delicate to be done to be managed through the use of a power glove. Further, the surgical section itself has been recently upgraded with the contents of a (nearly complete) pre-apocalypse surgical hall. The medical staff at the Fort also have access to textbooks on medicine, psychology, and medical electronics operation and repair (including biomechanics), a stash of 'fuel grade' alcohol for use as a disinfectant when needed, and, thanks to the looted surgical hall, sterile syringes, scalples, needles, and whatever else could be safely assumed to be in the hall. The medical professionals trusted by the Front also have access to some rarer medications that were looted from Lyon, including pre-apocalypse anaesthesia, antibiotics, anti-rads (VERY LIMITED: these are held by Dr. Giger and are worth thousands of dollars, so do not assume you will automatically have access to them), morphine-derivatives, and similar. A medical garden has also been set up nearby to grow medicinal plants.

Radio Tower: The Forts radio tower has ben renovated, though without a stable power source, it's transmission power and reception range are limited.

Radar Balloon: Through much napkin-scribbling and supreme haggling the fort has a hot air balloon that is powered from the grid and has a very powerful Radar attached. It currently hovers at 300m above the top of the fort and has around 10 miles range.

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