The Crusader
Alias The Crusader
Organization The United Front
Age 20
Major personality traits Focused. Calm and collected. Firebrand speeches. Domineering presence.
Appearance Perfection. Long, black hair. Flawless, light skin. Dressed in a simple, white dress with silk gloves.


The Crusader is a young woman with a decent following. She has been guided to leadership her whole life. In the early years by her parents, and later years by her girlfriend.

She is the local preacher of the Divine. And her followers is clearly moved by her firebrand speeches. The exact religion is hard to pin down, as it is a mix of any and all different directions. The general idea is that one can become closer to the Divine through purity of spirit and a life lived in accordance to regiment and principle. What exactly the Divine is, and which rules are most important vary from sermon to sermon.

The only thing on the agenda that is consistent is that purity of spirit precludes both magic and mutation. As UF in general is open to the use of magic and of mutants, her followers grudgingly accepts them; but seek to limit contact as to reduce the risk of being tainted by association.

Anyone following the Crusader or studying the dynamics of the group, may be excused for believing that her girlfriend is the brains behind the operation. She's quiet and icy calm where the Crusader's eyes and tongue burn with (strictly metaphorical) fire, but both are equally uncompromising in their devotion to the Divine.

They use a symbol of a white glove raised with the palm facing outward in a "stop!" gesture.

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