The Disciples of Tesla
Name The Disciples of Tesla
Location The Fort
Organization United Front
Nature Sub Organzation

The Disciples of Tesla is an sub-organization in the United Front with responsibility for Research, Reverse-Engineering, Development and Production of new Equipment and Armor, It also has control over distribution of Armor.1

The Leadership of the Disciples of Tesla is made up to be a council between the better crafters in the Fort.
Currently, the council is made up of:
Fester Busch

These leaders are expected to do some work for the crafting guild; everyhing from teaching apprentices, doing research and development of new stuff.

Honorable Members are as Following:2
The Old Boss as long he is in command
The Cook
The Hangar Master
Julien Lancelot

People are also free to join the Crafting Guild to be everything from crafters to people who train mooks, to being test subjects for experimental gear and armor.

Other members:
Laurent - Volunteer for field testing
Quasimodo - For being a good mechanic and joining

Current Goals:
- Armor up the Fort's personell, since lets face it, it's woefully protected in general.
- Generally upgrading the Fort's equipment.
- Fixing up the new Airship named Tesla.
- Retro Engineering Ballistic Armor Weave(?)
- Retro engineering Laser Weapons3
- Exoskeleton (aka Power armor without the armor)
- Make/Design Full Body Tactical Vests4

Trade Deals with other Factions:
- Body armor going to the Foreign Legion for allowing us to make an blueprint out of their Tactical Vests

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