The Cook
Alias The Cook
Organization The United Front
Age 62
Major personality traits Kitchen dictator. Big, cuddly teddy bear. Curious. Joker
Appearance Gigantic man, with thick, grey beard. Bald.


The Cook is easily the largest guy in UF. Perhaps in the entire known world (or so visiting Scouts say to tease him). In his domain, the kitchen, he is the dictator. Expect a smack on the head if you mishandle a pot or treat an ingredient wrong.

As long as the kitchen is not the topic of conversation, he is always a nice fellow with a calm demeanour. He is always open for a joke, and is prone to practical jokes, as long as they do not involve his food (only The Twins mess with the food and live to tell the tales).

The Cook always tried to see the best in anyone. He is prone to accept people on face value, and is more than willing to expand the operations of UF, and even lessen their standard of living, if it benefits the world in general. He does not look down on you if you are different, and does not care what or who you do.

The kitchen is always kept in perfect state. He is the first to arrive in the morning, and the last to leave. And no-one leaves before everything is spotless and all knives are sharpened.

He is usually dressed in a large, leather apron.

The Cook is a man of many interests. He is curious, and more than casually interested in alchemy. But the hours in the kitchen seldom allow for anything but collection of ingredients and studying books on the trade.

He is also the bartender, psychologist, confidant, and general secret keeper. And when UF need contact with The Blitzers, he acts as the ambassador and sets up the meetings.

There are only two things in life that really make The Cook pissed off:

  • Religion - due to years of being persecuted for his apparent flaws in the eyes of religion:
    • His sexual orientation - worse before the cataclysm, but still bad after.
    • His size - as the religious people often think it is a mutation.
    • His openness to the mystical arts - there are those who would have him burnt for merely dabbling a bit in potions.
  • Tormentors - especially anyone hurting any of his friends.
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