The Archivist
Alias The Archivist
Organization The United Front
Age 57
Major personality traits Vindictive. Stickler for rules. Neat freak. Cold to strangers. Protectionist
Appearance Tall, skinny. Always clean-shaven. Impeccably dressed for any occasion. Small, round glasses


The Archivist is the master of lore; the historian of everything; the records keeper; the bureaucrat; the negotiator; the keeper of papers; and by some twist of fortune responsible for the United Fronts entire armory.

He plays favourites to the extreme, but only does this because his favourites are the best, and therefore deserving the best. Or so he maintains, anyway. Harsher voices may note that efficient pencil pushers are valued above skilled warriors, who may be more deserving of high powered weapons.

The easiest way to get on his good side is to fill in all the paperwork within the deadlines. Willingness to listen to his stories of the world, and how everything was better before the cataclysm, is a major gold star in his book.

As archivist for UF he handles everything that goes in or out of The Fort. He keeps track of all work reports, requests for equipment, scavenging reports, and any contracts with external entities.

The Archivist is wary of others. He is willing to get beneficial deals with external organizations if the need arises, but only if UF gets more independent as a result of it. He is not willing to give over any control of UF to external forces, nor is he fond of getting tied up in foreign obligations.

Second in command.

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