Terrain Types
Land Terrain Naval Terrain Wastelands
Arctic Bank Corrupted Regions
Desert Deep Ocean Vent Radioactive Wasteland
Island/Beach Fresh-Water Lake Warzones
Jungle Open Ocean
Mountain Reef
Plains River/Stream
Swampland Salt-Water Sea
Woodlands Tropical Lagoon

The terrain types listed in bold are by far the most common in the campaign. About 95% of the time, the action will take place on one of these. The ones that have been struck through I can categorically state will never be used.

Roughly speaking, there are mountains to the East, woodlands to the West, and plains to the north. Corrupted Regions, where magic is strong enough to twist the lands themselves, dot the terrain. Warzones, still littered with mystic traps, cluster bombs, and minefields, surround major cities and other places where combat took place 40 years ago.

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