Sunny Meadow

“We don’t question it.”

The small fishing village of Sunny Meadow is located in a swamp. There is nearly eternal fog, which makes the difference between day and night nothing more than a slight change in light levels. At night, there are lamps hanging around the village to provide light; these swing even when there is no wind to create such a motion. Sometimes, when there is supposed to be a full moon, there are two blood red moons in the sky instead. There is little in the way of vegetation around the village, except for the occasional leafless tree that looms over the swamp.

The village mostly consists of many small wooden houses, with no straight lines to be seen. The wood they are made of is rotten and has bent over the years, creating dangerously curved walls that do not look like they could support the roofs. In fact, the houses in general do not seem architecturally stable, and it is unclear how they are staying upright. Many of the are built on stilt, though at different heights.

Fishing is the main occupation of the village, and though they only send normal fish to the United Front, they do get a lot more diverse things from the lake. Tentacled creatures, teeth as big as a man, fish that have weird growths, fish that have monstrously big bites taken out of them and parts of larger horrors that should fit in no biological body are all common enough that nobody raises an eye.

A lot of the fish and assorted other things that aren't going to the United Front go to the Philippe Chevalier, who is mainly a cook. He lives in the largest house in town, which was a barn or something previously – maybe a church. It's difficult to tell, but it was a large empty building, which has since been converted to a makeshift inn. There are tables and a bar set up in the common room, and a few smaller rooms in the back. One of them is the kitchen, while the others serve as rooms for Outsiders to stay in while they are in Sunny Meadow. The cook freely gives out food to any who want it; and once you’ve tasted his food once it becomes difficult to resist taking him up on that offer.

The people who go out fishing are divided into two groups – those who fish with nets and those who fish with hooks. There is a strong rivalry between the two groups, and they derogatorily call each other Netters and Hookers, respectively. The Hookers are annoyed that their name for the other group isn't as scathing.

Hooks are made by the Hook Smith, William Whitefield. His right hand is gone, replaced by a hook. People aren't sure where he get the metal which he uses to make the hooks.

Nets are made by the Knotters. They freak out both the Hookers and Netters. About twice a week, they all suddenly get up, grab their tools, and walk to a place slightly outside the village. They all sit around by the water, making nets. If somebody tries to interrupt them, they just stare at them until they get uncomfortable and leave. Sometimes, not all of the ones who went out come back. Sometimes, more come back than went out. People have learned not to question it.

The position of Mayor brings luck to everybody in the village but themselves. To the Mayor, instead of luck, it brings intense misfortune. This means that Mayors rarely last more than a week. It also means the villagers have little interest in being Mayor, so the position is open to whomever wants it. They tend to offer it to Outsiders, who are often flattered and accept. The previous Mayor, Tim, fell in a well. The fish tried to warn the villagers, but they didn't listen. As the well was then contaminated, they dug a new well, right next to the old one. One of the Mayors before that decided to renovate Sunny Meadow. He was an amazing carpenter, and there are now three houses in the village that look absolutely pristine, as opposed to the crooked ones all around them. Then the Mayor went to the old Mansion on the hill to renovate that next, and never came back. The villagers don't go there anymore.

Surprisingly often there will be an Outsider who stays in the village for a few months, studying the strange things that go on. Eventually, they go mad, meet a tragic end or become just one of the villagers. Currently, that would be Finley Newman.

There is a huge monster in the lake, which was disturbed by shouting from the players, and destroyed a house in response before going back beneath the waves.

The village is in a high-magic zone, which might explain some of the weirdness going on.

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