Suitable Advantages
What follows is a list of advantages which are suitable for all characters. They can be considered mundane abilities.
Advantage Cost Page Advantage Cost Page
Absolute Direction 5 B34 Intuition 15 B63
Absolute Timing 2 B35 Intuitive Mathematician 5 B66
Acute Senses 2/level B35 Less Sleep 1-4 2/level B65
Alcohol Tolerance 1 B100 Lifting ST 1-3 3/level B65
Allies Variable B36 Lightning Calculator 2 B66
Ambidexterity 5 B39 Night Vision 1-3 1/level B71
Animal Empathy 5 B40 No Hangover 1 B101
Appearance Variable B21 Magic Resisance 1-3 2/level B67
Breath Holding 1 2 B41 Patrons Variable B72
Catfall 10 B41 Penetrating Voice 1 B101
Charisma 5/level B41 Perfect Balance 15 B74
Claim to Hospitality 1 to 10 B41 Peripheral Vision 15 B74
Combat Reflexes 15 B43 Photographic Memory 10 B51
Common Sense 10 B43 Pitiable 5 B22
Contact Group Variable B44 Plant Empathy 5 B75
Contacts Variable B44 Rapid Healing 5 B79
Danger Sense 15 B47 Recovery 10 B80
Daredevil 15 B47 Reduced Consumption 1 2 B80
Deep Sleeper 1 B101 Regeneration (slow) 10 B80
Double-Jointed 15 B56 Reputation Variable B26
DR 1-2 (Tough Skin) 5 or 10* B46 Resistant to Disease (+3) or (+8) 3 or 5 B80
Eidetic Memory 5 B51 Resistant to Poison (+3) 5 B80
Empathy 15 B51 Sensitive 5 B51
Enhanced Defenses 1 Variable B51 Serendipity 1 15 B83
Extra Attack 1 25 B53 Shtick 1 B101
Favor Variable B55 Signature Gear 1/item B85 and AtE28
Fearlessness 2/level B55 Silence 1 5 B85
Fit 5 B55 Single-Minded 5 B85
Flexibility 5 B56 Social Regard (Venerated) 5/level B86
Gadgeteer 25 B56 Striking ST 1-3 5/level B88
Gizmos 5/gizmo B57 Talent (any) Variable B89
Gunslinger 25 B58 Temperature Tolerance 1-2 1/level B93
Hard to Kill 2/level B58 Terrain Adaption 5 B93
Hard to Subdue 2/level B59 Unfazeable 15 B95
High Manual Dexterity 5/level B59 Versatile 5 B96
High Pain Threshold 10 B59 Very Fit 15 B55
Higher Purpose 5 B59 Very Rapid Healing 15 B79
Honest Face 1 B101 Voice 10 B97
Immunity to Disease 10 B80 Weapon Master Variable B99

Claim to Hospitality, Contacts, Contact Group, Favor, Patron: Available, but players must provide a description of the contact, patron or group online.
Quick Gadgeteer: Generally not allowed, unless the player has a really good supernatural explaination built into the character concept and reflected in the build.
Night Vision 1-3: Higher levels (4-9) only available as mutations or magical advantages.
Reduced Consumption 1: The second level can fit as a mutation, and the third if the Cast-Iron stomach limitation.
Serendipity: Only one level may be purchased as a "mundane" ability, more levels may only be purchased as a magical ability.
Signature Gear: Uses the rules from After the End, so does not provide additional starting cash.
Silence: The first level is available as a mundane ability, higher levels may be mutations or magical in nature.
Social Regard: The Venerated version is very fitting for people who remember the time before the apocalypse .
Temperature Tolerance 1-2: higher levels are are viable mutations.
Weapon Master: Note that access to cinematic skills will be limited.

The Banned List

Altered Time Rate Morph
Branchiator Oracle [1]
Chronolocation Penetrating Vision [2]
Clairsentience [1] Possession
Compartmentalized Mind [2] Power Investiture
Cultural Adaptability Puppet
Destiny [3] Racial Memory
Digital Mind Rank [4]
Dominance Reawakened
Duplication Sealed [2]
Enhanced Move 2+ Snatcher
Exta Life Speak with animals/plants [1]
G-Experience Super Luck
Healing [1] Supernatural Durability
High TL Temporal Inertia
Illuminated Tenure
Improved G-Tolerance Trained by a Master
Independent Income True Faith
Insubstaintiality [1] Unkillable
Invisiblity [1] Vacuum Support
Jumper Visualization
Legal Enforment Power Warp [1]
Legal Immunity Wealth
Luck Wild Talent
Mana Enhancer Zeroed
Modular Ability

[1] These abilities emulate specific spells. With the exception of a few rare concepts, we'd prefer you buy up that spell as a Rogue Talent instead. See Magic for more info on Wild Talents and spells.
[2] Except possibly in some specific (GM made) mutations.
[3] Too complex to maintain in a club campaign.
[4] Except as noted elsewhere.

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