Prepared Gear Lists

Basic Gear (FREE; 20.6 lbs1)

There are some items which no one should be without, so to avoid risking that people forget something important everyone gets the following in addition to their starting cash. This gear is cheap, bulky and generally of poor quality, but it will keep you alive in wastelands.

Basic gear:

  • Bulky small backpack2 (B288) $30(x1), 4.5lbs
    • Blanket (B288) $20(x1), 4lbs
    • Personal Basics (B288) $5(x1), 1lbs
    • 1/5 Group Basics3 (B288) $10(x1), 4lbs
    • 10 yards of 3/8" Rope4 (B288) $5(x1), 1.5lbs
    • 1 litre Plastic Water Bottle (Wastelanders 30) $2(x1), 0.1lbs
      • 1 litre of clean water (Wastelanders 30) $2(x1), 2lbs
    • 3 meals worth of rations (Wastelanders 30) $6(x1), 1.5lbs
  • Ordinary Clothes5 (B266) $20(x1), 2lbs

Upgrading your Basic Gear

Since selling back gear you got for free to buy whatever you want seems a bit cheesy and kind of ruins the whole everybody has this stuff thing, we've instead come up with a list of approved upgrades. If you are replacing an item from the Basic Gear list, you only pay what is listed under Additional Cost. If you want to buy one of these in addition to your basic gear, we've included the Total Cost for your convenience.

Upgrade Source TL Additional Cost Total Cost Weight
Small (non-Bulky) Backpack B288 1 +$30 $60(x1) 3lbs (-1.5lbs)
Bulky Frame Backpack6 B288 1 +$20 $50(x1) 15lbs (+10.5lbs)
Frame Backpack B288 1 +$70 $100(x1) 10lbs (+5.5lbs)
Sleeping Furs B288 0 +$30 $50(x1) 8lbs (+4lbs)
Sleeping Bag B288 6 +$80 $100(x4) 3lbs8 (-1lbs)
Longer Rope per +10 yards B288 0 +$5 $5(x1) 1.5lbs
10 yards of 1/8" Ultra-Tech Rope9 Ultratech 81 9 +$59 $64(x32) 0.1lbs (-1.4lbs)
Longer Ultra-Tech rope per +10 yards Ultratech 81 9 +$64 $64(x32) 0.1lbs
Plastic Bottle
Canteen10 B288 5 +$18 $20(x2) 1lbs (+0.9lb)
Quality Clothing11 B266 0 +$100 $120(x1) 2lbs (+0lbs)

Basic Self-Defense Kit ($160-215; 7.85-15.5lbs)

As a fair warning, when I say basic I mean basic. The armor won't hold up against serious attacks (it won't stop any attack, but it will reduce the damage from light hits significantly) and the weapons were picked because they were light and cheap, not because of any combat effectiveness. It's intended for support characters and others who prefer to avoid combat whenever possible. If you are really short on cash, you might want to drop the ranged weapon. Melee is significantly more risky than ranged combat, but if your combat plan is keep in cover until the noise stops you might be able to get away with only having something to smack people who try to take your cover away over the head with.

  • One melee weapon depending on best melee skill
    • Axe/Mace: Hammer (Wastelander 31) $15, 2lbs
    • Brawling/Boxing/Karate: Brass Knuckles (B271) $10, 0.25lbs
    • Broadsword: Light Club (B271) $5, 3lbs
    • Flail: Improvised Nunchucks (B272 Nunchaku, -1 to skill) $8, 2lbs
    • Knife: Meatcleaver (B272 Large Knife, -1 to skill) $16, 1lbs
    • Shortsword: Baton (B273) $20, 1lbs
    • Spear: Homemade Spear (B273, -1 to skill) $16, 4lbs
    • Staff: Quarterstaff (B273) $10, 4lbs
  • Ranged weapon
  • Leather Outfit $90, 7lbs
  • Sturdy Cap $5, neg.

Doc Kit

  • Basic Self-Defense Kit (above) ~$200, ~10lbs
  • Crash Kit (TL4, B289) $200, 10lbs.
  • Optional Extra: Surgical Instruments (TL4, B289) $300, 15lbs.

Hulk Kit

Bruiser: Large Brass Knuckles (B271, Wastelanders 7) $15, 0.4lbs for an extra +2 damage to punches, then spend the rest of your money on the heaviest armor you can afford (keeping in mind that armor costs and weighs double for you).
Heavy Gunner: One big ass gun:

  • LMG: Cheap Hank Cranked LMG $800, 12lbs with 30 rifle bullets ($300) if you absolutely need to start with a heavy weapon (meaning at least 3 character points spent on additional starting cash).
  • Shotguns: Cheap Sawn Off $450, 6lbs with 5 shotgun shells ($50).
  • Rifles: Cheap Bolt Action Rifle $560, 9lbs with 9 rifle bullets ($90).
  • Crossbow: Large (Wastelanders 7) Crossbow (Thrust+6 imp damage) $225, 9lbs with 10 bolts ($20, 1lbs). A crossbow built for someone of your size and strength.

Melee: Pretty much every weapon is deadly in the hands of someone of your strength. However, keep in mind that weapon damage caps at 3 times the ST minimum (B270) so daggers and javelins may be too small for you. The rules for Hulk sized weapons (Wastelanders 7) may be handy, especially if you are going for one handed weapons.

Hunter Kit

Nomad Kit

  • Basic Self-Defense Kit (above) ~$200, ~10lbs
  • Timber axe for refueling gasifiers: Great Axe (B274) $100, 12lbs
  • Personal vehicle
    • Motorcycle: Light Bike with Gasifier, 3 rolls on the Damage Table. $700
    • Automobile: Buggy with Gasifier, 4 rolls on the Damage Table. $1,800
    • Equestrian: Saddle Horse (B460), Saddle and Tack, Bit and Bridle, saddlebags (all B289), $1,485

Scavenger Kit

  • Basic Self-Defense Kit (above) ~$200, ~10lbs
  • Lockpicks (B289) $50, neg. or Crowbar (B289) $20, 3lbs
  • Shoes (B284) $40, 2lbs (footwear sturdy enough to count as armor)
  • Upgrade free backpack to a Frame Backpack, $70, 10lbs (+5.5lbs)

Tech Kit

  • Basic Self-Defense Kit (above) ~$200, ~10lbs
  • Tools as needed
    • Portable Tool Kit (one Armory speciality; B289) $600, 20lbs
    • Portable Tool Kit (one Mechanic speciality; B289) $1,200, 20lbs
    • Portable Tool Kit (Electrician; B289) $1,200, 20lbs
    • Portable Tool Kit (Carpentry; B289) $300, 20lbs
  • Junk (Wastelanders 30): $1 per 10lbs worth of stuff.
  • Broken Gear (The New World 39): A quarter of normal price; Functions as parts for building things from scratch.

Trader Kit

  • Basic Self-Defense Kit (above) ~$200, ~10lbs
  • Carrying kit (one of:)
    • Upgrade free backpack to a Frame Backpack, $70, 10lbs (+5.5lbs)
    • Donkey (B459) or Small Mule (B460) with 120lbs worth of saddlebags (289) $1,300
    • Oxen (B460) with 200lbs worth of saddlebags (289) $2,000
  • Generic Trade Goods:
    • Food (Rations, Wastelanders 30) $4 per pound
    • Clean Water (Wastelanders 30) $1 per pound
    • Cheap Alcohol (Wastelanders 33) $5 per pound
    • Bio-diesel (Wastelanders 34) $4 per pound
    • Junk (Wastelanders 30): $0.1 per pound
    • Ammo (Wastelanders 32) $200 per pound (a mix of pistol, rifle, shotgun, and heavy cartridges, as well as spent casings, lead and blackpowder)

Trooper Kit

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