The Mystic Cabal

Our information about the Mystic Cabal comes from the Water Mage, who promised it as part of a deal during the flooding of the Mountain Village; in return he got custody of the Mystic Cabal members involved in blowing up the mountain and thus causing the flooding.

The Mystic Cabal was formed from the merger of several apocalyptic cults which had been predicting the end of the world through magic and suddenly found themselves right. As they seemed to know what was going on with magic, many of the people who now suddenly had magical power flocked to them for guidance. In reality, the Mystic Cabal back then relied on various 'magical' books from before the apocalypse, a diverse collection of fiction, shamanism, a variety of pagan religion, folklore, wiccan traditions and whatever else they could scrape together that seemed vaguely magical. Still, they had attracted a large number of mages and were very willing to experiment with magic in order to figure out how things worked. And so over the course of the first few years after the apocalypse the Mystic Cabal established itself as the major holder of magical power and knowledge. They quickly started using that power in order to keep it, by infiltrating other mage groups, converting and sabotaging, stealing knowledge and items.

The Mystic Cabal is mostly organised into cells, though there is no strict mandate for how things should be organised. These cells usually consist of a master and an apprentice, and work mainly independently of other cell. They may cooperate with or work against other cells depending on the situation and what is most beneficial, or what their insanities dictate. This leads to an ever shifting web of alliances and rivalries, which it takes years to learn to navigate correctly; and failing to do so can easily get you a lot of enemies. Some cells also include a medium to large cult in order to have manpower for rituals and mundane tasks. Outstanding cultists may be promoted to apprentice.

A few mages have managed to make themselves worth enough to the rest that they are largely above these petty internal politics, usually by knowing secrets that make it very worthwhile to stay on their good side. This is the closest that the Mystic Cabal comes to having an actual leadership.

They tend to walk around telling people that they are there to help, but their actual goals are to gain power, in whatever form that specific cell has decided is the one thing that will let them achieve their particular goal.

Known plans include:

  • Creating a perfect body for spellcasting, and switching minds with it once it grows to maturity.
  • Producing addictive combat potions and selling them to raiders.
  • They’re awaiting the falling of a star which will contain great power.
  • They have at least one infiltrator within the United Front, sowing discord from within.
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