The full rules for mutations, as well as the mechanics for these abilities, can be found on pg. 25 in Wastelanders.


Mutations are freaky. Freakishness is a measure of how twisted and inhuman you've become. You can find the full rules on pg. 25 in Wastelanders, what follows is only a convenient summary.

For every full 6 points of Freakishness: Pick one minor physical deformity or oddity related to your mutant powers. These function as Unnatural Features (B22). They give a +1 to people trying to figure out whether you are a mutant or what mutations you have. You also get -1 on disguise and shadowing rolls.

For every full 9 points of Freakishness: Non-mutants react to you at -1, whether or not they realize you are a full blown mutant. People with Intolerance of mutants (which is common in the setting) react at an addition -3 plus double these penalties if they realize you are a mutant. A sufficiently bad reaction can lead to them deciding to purge you with fire before you lay eggs.

For every full 15 points of Freakishness: You get a side effect, a randomly generated 5 point disadvantage. Typically, this is some form of physical complication, though there are a few mental disadvantages in the table too.

Mutations Table

The following table summarizes the cost and freakishness of every approved mutation from Wastelanders. If it's not on this list, it's been banned. The points cost is inclusive of the discount from Freakishness.
Mutation Name Points cost Freakishness Description
Acidic Blood 21 4 Your blood is a powerful acid.
Bellow Lungs 13 2 You can exhale hard enough to knock people back
Bone Spur 14 3 You have a retractable spur in your forearm
Electrified Skin 24 4 You can electrify your skin like an electric Eel
Mighty Roar 21 4 You can roar loud enough to stun a target
Nuclear Core 30 6 When you choose to, you can emit deadly radiation
Razor Claws 11 2 Retractable claws make you more dangerous in hand to hand
Super-Strength 1 131 2 You are freakishly strong
Super-Strength 2 262 4 You are freakishly strong
Super-Strength 3 393 6 You are freakishly strong
Super-Strength 4 524 8 You are freakishly strong
Toothsome 3 1 Your teeth can shift into long fangs or razor sharp points
Mutation Name Points cost Freakishness Description
Adaptable Skin 1 8 2 You have slightly chameleonic skin
Adaptable Skin 2 16 4 You have more chameleonic skin
Boosted Hemoglobin 8 2 You can hold your breath 25x longer than normal
Flesh Pocket 4 1 You have a small hidden compartment in your torso
Natural Anti-Rad 1 8 2 You are roughly twice as resistant to radiation as normal
Natural Anti-Rad 2 12 3 You are roughly 2.5x as resistant to radiation as normal
Natural Anti-Rad 3 16 4 You are roughly thrice as resistant to radiation as normal
Prickly 3 1 You have long retractable spikes covering your body
Redundant Organs 16 4 You take less injury from impaling and piercing weapons
Resilient Brain 8 2 You wake up from unconsciousness much quicker than normal
Slimy 8 2 You are slippery
Starfish Genes 33 7 You can regrow lost limbs
Thick Hide 1 17 3 Your skin is basically chainmail
Thick Hide 2 30 5 Your skin is basically platemail
Thick Hide 3 43 7 Your skin is basically heavy platemail
Mutation Name Points cost Freakishness Description
Brainy 11 4 An extra head; doesn't make you smarter
Handy 7 3 An extra arm
Mouthy 3 2 An extra mouth; somewhere
Trampler 3 2 A quadrapod is you
Mutation Name Points cost Freakishness Description
Fast-Twitch Legs 1 26 4 Doubles running speed and jumping distance
Fast-Twitch Legs 2 44 6 Triples running speed and quadruples jumping distance
Fins 1 8 2 you are as fast in water as on ground
Fins 2 25 5 You are twice as fast in water as on land
Suction Pads 16 4 You can crawl up walls and ceilings
Winged Flight 1 22 8 You can fly
Winged Flight 2 31 9 You can fly faster
Winged Flight 3 40 10 You can fly fastest
Mutation Name Points cost Freakishness Description
Aural Filters 4 1 Your ears are better protected from sonic attacks
Black Sight 21 4 You can see in the blackest night
Eagle Eyes 1 12 3 Your vision has x8 magnification
Eagle Eyes 2 21 4 Your vision has x32 magnification
Hound Nose 1 12 3 Scent
Hound Nose 2 23 4 You can literally smell fear
Outsize Eardrums 13 2 A supernatural ability to distinguish sounds
Red Sight 8 2 Infrared vision
Rubber neck 20 5 360 degree vision
Sound-Wave Recall 8 2 Mimicry
Visual Filters 4 1 Your eye's are protected from sudden flashes
Whiskers 8 2 You detect aerial vibrations
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