Mages suffer from Corruption, a measure of how much magic has twisted them. It's based on the Freakishness mechanic for mutants (from Wastelanders). As with Freakishness, it isn't a disadvantage, can't be bought on it's own, and doesn't count against your disadvantage limit.

Every magical trait is bundled with Corruption points, which means you effectively buy them at a discount in return for the drawbacks described in the Corruption page. If you want a mystical advantage not listed here, talk to a GM to find out how much corruption it will give you.

Trait Cost Corruption
Magery 0 4 1
Magery 1 8 (12 total) 2 (3 total)
Magery 2 7 (19 total) 3 (6 total)
Magery 3 6 (25 total) 4 (10 total)

Learning spells also gives corruption. Every full 5 points in spells, magical skills, and magical techniques (like alchemical recipes) gives one point of corruption. Effectively, you get one point back for every five you spend on magical abilities (again, in return for some drawbacks).

Points worth of Spells Corruption
0-4 0
5-9 1
10-14 2
15-19 3
20-24 4
25-29 5
30-34 6
35-39 7
40-44 8
45-49 9
50-54 10
55-59 11
60-64 12
65-69 13
70-74 14
75-79 15
80-84 16
85-89 17
90-94 18
95-99 19
100-104 20

Rogue Talent: You have the ability to cast a single spell, despite not actually being a spell caster. This is a form of Unusual Background (Basic Set pg. 96), so is addition to having to pay for the spell. You can pick any spell, regardless of the usual prerequisites. However, Rogue Talent costs more depending on how many prerequisites the spell has. It costs one point, plus one for every full five prerequisites the spell has, and another point for each level of Magery required. Half these points (rounded up) are accompanied by levels of Corruption.

Playing a Mage

If you want to play a mage, I highly recommend pick up GURPS Magic which has descriptions of pretty much every available spell (spells from other sources are only by GM permission). You will also find the free spell chart pdf (warning: direct pdf link) useful.

Mystical Lenses

Since most spells require multiple other spells as prerequisites, the mystical lenses below have two types of spells listed. The second type of spell ("spells you know the basics of") are meant for prerequisite spells.

Mystical scholar

  • +1 IQ [20] or 20 points worth of advantages from your template
  • Magery 0 [4]
  • 3 spells you know well, each at (H) IQ+0 [4] or (VH) IQ-1 [4]
  • 20 spells you know the basics of, each at (H) IQ-2 [1] or (VH) IQ-3 [1]
  • Corruption 7 [-7]

Mystical Veteran

  • Magery 2 [19]
  • 5 spells you know well, each at (H) IQ+2 [4] or (VH) IQ+1 [4] or replace any one spell with two spells known at (H) IQ+1 [2] or (VH) IQ+0 [2]
  • 18 spells you know the basics of, each at (H) IQ+0 [1] or (VH) IQ-1 [1]
  • Corruption 13 [-13]
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