French is the primary language of the region and regarded as the common language of the setting. Most people encountered will speak French. Every player character should know french at accented or better.

English is fairly common, at least amongst travellers, traders, and elders. A generation ago, it was a Lingua Franca for the world, but since most people don't encounter people who speak a different language than their own, it has mostly died out among the people who grew up after the apocalypse. Scouts use english as their official language.

German, and especially Swiss German, is common towards the East. Germany got hit hard, and is mostly radioactive wasteland, so there aren't that many german survivors, though the occasional refugee settlement can be found. Most of those know French as well, except for the most isolatistic. Notably, the Blitzers generally use german as their private language, given how many of their members started out as refugees from the badlands.

Italian is common towards the South and the South East. There's been a recent influx of Italian speakers in the area without any clear cause; it seems to be mostly traders and explorers.

Spanish is fairly rare, as Spain is quite far off by post-apocalyptic travel times. Spanish travellers rarely venture this far without picking up a bit of English and French to communicate with the locals.

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