Houserules and rules clarifications


  • Lifting Strength counts towards meeting the minimum strength requirement of firearms, while striking strength counts towards the minimum requirement for melee weapons. This isn't actually a houserule, but something that is never specified in any book or errata, despite being an official ruling.
  • Single minded: Inventing and modifying technology does benefit from this advantage.
  • Gunslinger: Has the following effects:
    • Always add Acc when firing single shots with a one-handed firearm1 during an Attack or All-Out Attack maneuver.
    • Always add half Acc when firing single shots with a two-handed firearm or laying down automatic fire with any firearm during an Attack or All-Out Attack maneuver.
    • Ignore firearm's Bulk during a Move and Attack maneuver.
    • Ignore firearm's Bulk in close combat.
    • Ignore all penalties to firearms attacks for jumping or acrobatic movement on foot.
    • You have a licence to do trickshots with GM determined penalties.


Questions from players

  • My character has wings. Can I take the mutation Thick hide for just the wings, for a lower cost in points and freakishness? (In-game justification: When some body parts are completely mutated while the rest of the body is mostly normal, it makes sense that the mutated body parts can have different hide than the rest. And munchkin-reason: I can buy normal armour for the rest of the body, but can't really imagine having studded leather on the wings and still being able to fly :-) (from Hilde)
    • In general: new or modified mutations are allowed, though need to be approved and given a freakishness by a GM.
    • In this particular case: Thick hide 1 (just wings, just arms, or just legs) costs 14 points with 2 freakishness, thick hide 2 costs 24 with 4 freakishness, and thick hide 3 costs 34 with 6 freakishness. Buying armor for specific locations is 10% cheaper per -1 penalty to target that location, and wings are only -2, so I'm afraid the point costs aren't that much lower.
  • What level of complexity is allowed during downtime actions? For example, this week the most basic thing I'd do is deprogram the slaves we saved. However, at the most complicated I'd do this through taking them on a road trip to see the villages, including some exposure therapy by taking them to the mansion to raid the library and empty it, which ties up that plotline, and then take the books to the fort and monastery, and finish the tour of villages with the mountan village that I bring a book on basic medicine techniques and a book on prewar plants and spend a day teaching the village and slaves first aid. In the middle is take three days to get the books from the library and then the rest of the fortnight deprogramming the slaves. (from Jonathan)
    • GM: The specifics of this question were handled months ago, but for other people who may be wondering about downtime complexity: rules for the most common actions can be found here. The general guiding principle is that if it takes more than about 30 sec to explain or two die rolls to resolve, it's probably too complex for a downtime action.
  • Soo, What is the Modifiers on cost and advantages/disadvantages of making Adamantine armor, weapons and gear? Kinda need that information to plan what armor and other assorted gear Twmix is gonna be making when he get his Apprentices to an competentish level. - Sigve
    • GM: Adamantine armor has since been added to the Armor page. For other gear, note that adamantine is basically a very durable stone and thus generally ill-suited for weapons and tools.
  • Question that prolly not gonna get answered, but what does the gunslinger advantage actually do mechanicly beside giving you an overpriced bonus to shooting people without aiming (by this i mean the average Aim bonus of pistols is around 2 while most other guns end up with an non aiming bunus on 1-2), i know it unlocks Cinematic shooting, but i cant find anything specific in any of the related books used in this campaign. it just seems very, very odd that an Advantage costing in on 25 Points only really gives such a small situational bonus that could be replaced with 8-12 points. In the end this dont really matter much, but i am considering it on my Ghoul backup character. - Sigve
    • GM (On the subject of Gunslinger): I think the authors of GURPS may agree with you about Gunslinger being underpowered for its price. Every published gameline which allows Gunslinger has included the optional additions from High-Tech (p 249) as standard (which boil down to ignore penalties from movement and bulk). The AtE gameline doesn't have the same rules, since it doesn't actually allow gunslinger as standard (not sure why; they've included quick gadgeteer, so they clearly aren't afraid of being "cinematic"). Since we have allowed Gunslinger, we should probably follow suit and include the relevant extras as well.
  • Gunslinger goodness: In the core book it is indeed a pretty bad deal. Further supplements has, however, improved it, especially the Gun Fu supplement (plus a few Perks from Action 1). The updated version is summerised in this forum post (pardon the offsite link). As per the list of books under Rules we're not technically using either Gun Fu or Action 13, but the GM may still allow things from them if asked.
    • GM (On the subject of perks): Since the core book only has ten examples of perks, and AtE only adds half a dozen, the GMs are generally quite lenient when asked about custom perks or perks from other sourcebooks (I don't think we've ever actually said no to one).
  • Last Gunslinger Question: Is it possible to buy Gunslinger for a reduced price for less guns usable with the gunslinger advantage? Lets say, Works on onehanded guns?
    • HL: Well, there's the "Accessibility" limitation (corebook p110), which reduces the cost by putting a limit on what the ability can affect. For example, if it's limited to only working on half the things it normally does (f.ex. "only on women" or "only at night"), that's a -20% cost reduction. So it's up to GM & player to figure out how much "only on this type of firearm" would be worth. The PDF-supplement "Power Ups 8: Limitations" has lengthy explanations for how to evaluate this, on page 4.
    • GM: As HL said, it's possible (given GM permission). Gun Fu has guidelines in it specifically for applying Accessibility to Gunslinger, and lists One handed Ranged Weapons as a -20% price break (for a 20 point advantage), which seems fair to me4.
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