Dr Giger's Report 5 - Peace In Our Time

Mission: Connect with those who the Fort send as backup, and deal with the Romans.

Mission status: Diplomacy worked; we have reached a state of peace with the Romans for now.

Detailed summary: Myself and Laurent T. GĂ©vaudan were still at the Hospital when backup arrived; specifically, Conrad "Dino" Wagner, Pox, Julien Lancelot, and Hassan Antar (possibly?). Myself and Laurent spent some time to convince the still groggy Roman that it had all been a bad dream brought on by his injury, which seemed to succeed quite nicely. We then worked our way through the remaining injured, following up on any medical things that needed to be addressed. Conrad came to find us when the others arrived, and informed us that the rest of the party was meeting with the Romans. When we were finished, we went to join the others. As we arrived, the centurion rushed into the room, angry that the political leader sought to take charge of the diplomacy without him. He took over the meeting, and we managed to convince him that we weren't snubbing him and had not known that he was meant to be there. Over the morning, we hammered out an agreement in which the Hospital would stay part of Roman land as they can't be seen to 'lose' any, but would not pay tithes to the Romans for protection, instead 'contracting' The Fort to do so. I stated that we needed to bring in the village leaders for this discussion, as it involved their future, and suggested breaking for an hour for everyone to prepare, and then having a working lunch in which we can discuss everything and the village leaders can have their say too. I took one leader from each of the three factions (pro-roman, neutral, and pro-fort), and, after privately explaining to each of them why it was in their groups best interests that this situation went ahead, took them to the lunch. Over lunch, we managed to convince the Romans that our borders on the sides that they had not seen were wider than they truly were, but kept it realistic on the sides they had seen. All parties agreed to a state of peace between us, which involved the creation of embassies in the Hospital area for us to discuss matters. The exact details of the treaty can be found in the treaty documents kept in the archives.

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