Dr. Giger's Report 2 - Book Hunters

[Note: all references to other documents and figures are IC available, not OOC as far as I'm aware]

Mission: Get in contact with The Monastery to discuss the acquisition of books from a new source for them.

Mission status: Roaringly successful aside from a bit of limb loss and a slight diplomatic incident. Due to the level of success, the diplomatic incident seems to have been resolved without harm to the reputation of the United Front. We did discover a nest of cyber-enhanced mutants who are keeping slaves; recommend freeing the slaves and destroying the nest.

Detailed summary: Myself, Pox, Quasimodo, Jonny Johansen, John Le'Grande, and Julien Lancelot were tasked by the Crusader to get in contact with the Monastery about a new possible source of books. Upon arriving, we discussed their new finding, a book with the name of a private library inscribed upon it. We utilised the library in the Monastery to research the history of the area, as well as examined the book in detail as it had writing on the margins, and discovered that the book belonged to someone who had owned a mansion about a days drive away from the Monastery, with the other names referring to other mansion owners in the immediate area.

We drove out and explored the area, discovering quickly that the mansion from which the book originated was populated with 15 mutated individuals with extensive cybernetic implants. They were also approximately ten slaves visible, who were obviously maintaining the cybernetics of the mutants. As we are a small party, we decided not to immediately engage, and instead explored the other mansions mentioned as it seemed likely, from the writing in the book, that the past owners had also been literary types. Doing so proved rewarding, with us retrieving over 400 books. We also found a secret room in one of the mansions, filled with enough tinned food to last an individual a month (these have been given to the cook from all of us on the mission), a machete (also given to the cook), an axe, a pair of binoculars, and a haz-mat suit, all pre-apocalypse items. I have kept hold of the haz-mat suit, the axe, and the binoculars at this time; the haz-mat suit as I have training in hazardous material handling so can make use of it, the axe because, on the recent missions I have been on, we have had to borrow an axe along with a car to fuel it, so it allows for an axe to be kept at the fort when we go out, and the binoculars as it is always good to have a pair among a team out in the field.

Returning to the first mansion, we organised a stake-out to scout the routines of the mutants. After an hour, Pox got bored and decided to get closer to the house. The slaves noticed him, although the mutants didn't, and started talking among themselves. Lip reading showed that they were saying things along the lines of 'do you think they'll help us?' The mutants then, sensing the disturbance, sent some of their members out to investigate. Finding the kitchen door unlocked, and with mutants patrolling the area, he walked in, at which point a mutant walked in after him and closed the door. He was then taken into the front room, and held down on a surgical table that was visible from outside the mansion. He subsequently told us it was because he told them he was a new recrut. They cut his arm open and one of them dripped some of its blood into the wound; the reaction was immediate, with Pox's arm withering to a blackened husk. At this point John fired a shot at the mutants. Hitting the window, it became clear that it was bullet proof glass. However, this did not stop the mutants from noticing John and running after him. He jumped on his horse and ran away, with the mutants following him.

Myself and (other doctor) had been sneaking through the grass towards the mansion, and, as the mutants ran past us dragging the slaves we took the chance to run into the house and provide emergency aid to Pox. We were able to quickly stabilize him, and took the advantage of the mutants being away to grab a large number of books on the floor, some of which the slaves had been working from to maintain the mutants equipment. Julien joined us inside, and we then helped Pox back to his car and jumped into the other car we'd had loaned from the Front, and we met up with John.

We then drove back to the Monastery, where we discovered that Pox had stolen some items. They were unhappy with him, but pleased with the haul we returned with. We have managed to bring some of the technical and some of the medical books with us back to the Fort, all of them pre-apocalypse, but have left the majority of the 500 or so we got with the Monastery's library as we were ordered to do. Pox has been placed in prison at the monastery for a period of two weeks.

It is my plan to return to the mansion and (a) liberate the slaves (they are in pain and, for those who don't think that that's enough, obviously have technical knowledge we can make use of), (b) kill the mutants (they seem very well fed, and they are only a day and a halfs drive from the fort, and only a days drive from the Monastery, we believe the probability of them being raiders is high, and at that distance we'd prefer not to wait for confirmation, we might lose people), and (c), gain access to the private library inside the mansion, which, although we did return with hundreds of books, might give the Monastery access to thousands more. Please find attached maps that were made of the area that we explored, noting the location of the mansions we examined and, specifically, the mansion where the cyber mutants are located. Also please find attached a diagram showing the layout of the mansion as much as we were able to observe.

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