Just as mutations twist the body, so does magic twist the soul. Or that’s what people claim, anyway. It’s certainly true that magic users tend to get eccentric, and magic definitively leaves a visible mark on the user, but the jury is still out on the soul twisting. For one thing, it’s not actually known with any certainty whether “souls” are a real phenomenon or just another way to say “mind”.

Corruption [-1/level] is a new disadvantage which functions pretty much identically to Freakishness (Wastelanders pg. 25). Your Corruption rating goes up as you learn more magic, or otherwise get deeply involved with magical forces. Such corruption can only be cleansed by extreme means (a lobotomy might work).

For every 6 full levels of Corruption, you must choose a minor mystically inspired physical oddity. It should be related to the type of magic you use (or whatever caused you to gain corruption), and cannot be something easily covered up or obscured. A fire mage might, for example, pick eyes like glowing embers or have his hair seem to flicker like flames. The same body part can be altered repeatedly, as long as each change is unique and additive. The above fire mage might, for example, have wisps of smoke coming off his eyes or get bright orange hair in addition to the above features. Each such oddity gives others a +1 on rolls to realize your mystical nature, guess what specific powers you have, or identify or follow you – and -1 to your Disguise and Shadowing (on foot) rolls.

For every 9 full levels of Corruption, all non-mages who see you react to you at -1. There is something about you which feels subtly wrong to people. This is separate from both Appearance and Freakishness, and penalties/bonuses stack when multiple of these apply.

For every 15 full levels of Corruption, you must roll once on the Corruption Side Effect Table below. To do so, roll a d6 to find which of the six tables to use, and then another d6 to find which of the entries on that table will affect the character. Rolling a 1 and then a 3 for example means you are now Callous. You gain the listed disadvantage permanently, and receive no points for it.

Table nr 1
Roll Result Notes
1 Bad Temper (15) [1]
2 Bloodlust (15) [1]
3 Callous [2]
4 Compulsive Carousing (12) [1]
5 Compulsive Gambling (12) [1]
6 Curious (12) [1]
Table nr 3
Roll Result Notes
1 Honesty (15) [1]
2 Impulsiveness (15) [1]
3 Innumerate [2]
4 Loner (12) [1]
5-6 Magic Susceptibility 2 [6]
Table nr 5
Roll Result Notes
1-2 Phobia [8]
3 Short Attention Span (15) [1]
4 Shyness (mild) [7]
5 Squeamish (15) [1]
6 Xenophilia (15) [1]

. , . ,

Table nr 2
Roll Result Notes
1 Delusions (minor) [3]
2 Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism) [4]
3 Draining [5]
4 Gluttony (12) [1]
5 Gullibility (15) [1]
6 Hidebound [2]
Table nr 4
Roll Result Notes
1-2 Nightmares (12) [1]
3 Overconfidence (15) [1]
4 Pyromania (12) [1]
5-6 Phantom Voices (Annoying) [7]
Table nr 6
Roll Result
1-6 Roll on Mutation Side Effect Table

[1] If you already have this disadvantage, lower the self-control number by 3. If this would take it below 6, reroll instead.
[2] If you already have the disadvantage, reroll.
[3] If you already have the disadvantage, either worsen an existing delusion by one level, or take a second one. The GM has the final say in what delusions you get, but you are welcome to come up with suggestions. If you already have 40 points in delusions from any source, reroll.
[4] If you already have the disadvantage, upgrade to "Disciplines of Faith (Mysticism)". If you already have that, reroll.
[5] Human blood is a good one, as is a 250ml of chemicals from the alcohol group. If you already have this disadvantage, you now require a rarer subgroup (virgin blood, mutant blood, etc) instead. If you already have this at the “rare” level, reroll.
[6] Upgrades to "Magic Susceptibility 3" the second time it is rolled, and to "Magic Susceptibility 5" the third time. Reroll if you get it a fourth time.
[7] If you roll this result again or already have this disadvantage, worsen it by one level; if it reaches its maximum level, reroll instead.
[8] Phobia of Blood (15), Cats (12), The dead (15), filth/bacteria (15), Dogs (12), Fire (12), Heights (15), Insects (15), Loud Noises (15), Open Spaces (15), Reptiles (15), Sex (15). GM picks one that makes some sense, but isn’t completely crippling (no pyromancers with pyrophobia). If you already have a phobia, the GM may choose to worsen that one (as per [1], above) instead.

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