Character Creation

tl;dr: 200 points, + upto 50 from disadvantages. Easiest way to make a character is to pick one template and one lens.

GURPS character creation can be quite intimidating. This a deliberate design decision from Steve Jackson Games; the idea being that it's better to have the complexity there than to have to deal with it during play.

Unless you feel completely confident in your ability to put together a campaign appropriate character you'd enjoy playing, we'd recommend you take advantage of the templates below to streamline character creation. Note that there's nothing wrong with starting with a template and then cutting away the parts that don't fit your concept and replacing the points with stuff from outside it, should you feel like it.

Even if you insist on making a character from scratch, it's worth skimming through the templates to see what traits are common and which are not. Characters are build on 200 points, plus up to another 50 from disadvantages.

To build a character from a template, simply pick one of the "Class" Templates from below, and buy the traits that template directs you to buy. In addition, pick one 50 point Lens to round out the character.


Templates boil down character creation to a series of simpler choices while making sure that your character isn't missing anything important. They also cut away everything that isn't relevant for playing a character with that archetype in a post apocalyptic campaign, which cuts down on complexity a lot and means you are less likely to end up "wasting" points on things that never come up.

"Class" Template tl;dr Combat focus Core Stat
Doc Healer Low IQ
Hulk Smash High ST
Hunter Ranger Medium DX
Nomad Wheelman Low DX
Scavenger Rogue Medium Per
Tech Crafter Low IQ
Trader Face-man Low IQ
Trooper Fighter High DX


Lenses, so named because they help give the character focus, are 50 point packages of traits to add to the character.

  • Experienced lenses are specific to each "class" template, and are usually just more of the same. They're the generic lens for people who don't have anything special in mind.
  • Specialized lenses are packages of mundane abilities which are independant of your template. Fast for characters with better reflexes than normal, Hardy for the more durable heroes, and Learned for those who know more about the world that was than most.
  • Faction lenses are for players who have deep roots within one of the major factions of the world. Play a veteran member of the United Front and scoff at all the newbies or a do-gooder Scout attempting to push the Front back to it's golden days.
  • Mutated: Spend 50 points on picking mutations for your character. Left over points can be spent on Expert Skill (Mutants) (IQ/H), Innate Attack (Breath) (DX/E), and/or secondary/background skills from your template. Note that while the United Front will accept mutated members, other communities may not be so forgiving. Quite a few have shoot on sight policies when it comes to mutants, so think carefully before going this route.
  • Mystical lenses add some spellcasting ability to your character. Note that while the United Front will accept casters, other communities may not be so forgiving. Quite a few routinely burn witches when they discover them, so think carefully before going this route.
  • And finally, there's nothing wrong with just spending 50 points however you'd like, if you want to customize your template in a way that none of the templates cover.

Reference Pages

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