The simplest way to deal with armor is to buy one of the pre-assembled armor outfits listed below. The first table contains some very basic armored designed for players who'd prefer to keep things simple. They provide the same amount of protection to every location they cover and against every type of damage. The descriptions are kept deliberately vague so that player can decide for themselves what the armor represents. The second set of armors are slightly more complex, with damage reduction varying based on damage type or location.

Simple Body Armors

Armor Locations DR TL Cost Weight Notes
Heavy Clothing arms, torso, groin 1* 1 $50(x1) 8 [1]
Leather outfit arms, torso, groin, legs 1* 1 $90(x1) 7 [1]
Studded armor arms, torso, groin, legs 2* 4 $210(x1) 16
Light Scrap Metal arms, torso, groin, legs 3 2 $400(x1) 30
Scrap Metal arms, torso, groin, legs 4 2 $880(x1) 55 [2]
"Light" Plate armor arms, torso, groin, legs 6 3 $3,400(x1) 70 [2]
Plate armor arms, torso, groin, legs 7 3 $5,400(x1) 90 [2]
Heavy plate arms, torso, groin, legs 9 4 $10,000(x1) 80 [2]

[1] This armor is concealable. Either it is light enough to be hidden under clothing, or it just looks like clothing.
[2] A cheap version, with 40% of the cost and 1 less DR, is available. The cheaper armors cost $352, $1,360, $2,160, or $4,000, respectively.

Heavy Clothing: Basic clothing that provides protection by simply being thick or dense. It'll protect you from most thorns, but not much more. Note that this armor doesn't cover the legs. [Cloth Armor, Cloth Sleeves]
Leather Outfit: Leather outfits of various descriptions are a staple of post apocalyptic fiction. Covers everything from pre war biker outfits to home built leather armor. As an alternative to heavy clothing, leather gear is lighter but more expensive. [Leather Jacket, Leather Pants]
Studded Armor: Leather or Cloth armor that's been reinforced with scrap metal, spikes, or thicker pieces of leather. It's about as heavy as armor can get and still be flexible. [Buff Coat]
Light Scrap Metal: The lightest of the metallic armors, this represents anything from cola can scale mail or brigadines to Leather armor that's been reinforced to the point where the leather is no longer visible. [Light Scale Armor, Light Scale Sleeves, Leggings, Loincloth1]
Scrap Metal: Heavier scrap metal armors can be made, utilizing metal pieces that are thicker than soda cans. They're significantly heavier, but provide a little more protection. [Scale Armor, Scale Sleeves, Leggings]
Light Plate Armor: Plate armor consists of larger pieces, meaning less gaps in their coverage but a little more weight. [Steel Corselet, Plate Arms, Legs]
Plate Armor: You're wearing 90 lbs of reinforced metal plating. It might not be quality metal, but at least you have quantity on your side.[Heavy Steel Corselet, Heavy Plate Arms, Legs]
Heavy Plate: High grade steel providing protection that a medieval knight would be envious of. More to the point, it'll stop most pistol bullets dead and provide some protection against heavier rounds. It's bloody expensive though, to the point where the only real way to get your hands on one is to take it off the bloody corpse of its previous owner. [Heavy Plate (from Low Tech)]

Simple helmets

Armor Locations DR TL Cost Weight Notes
Sturdy Cap skull 1* 1 $5 neg. [1]
Leather Helmet skull, face 2 1 $20 0.5
Gas Mask skull, face 2 6 $400(x4) 4 [2,3,4]
Cheap Scrap Helmet skull, face 3 2 $60 6
Scrap Helmet skull, face 4 2 $150 6
Heavy Scrap Helmet skull, face 6 3 $240 6 [2]

[1] This armor is concealable. Either it is light enough to be hidden under clothing, or it just looks like clothing.
[2] Armor gives the No Peripheral Vision disadvantage (Basic set pg. 151).
[3] Provides Filter Lungs, Protected Smell, and Protected Vision while worn.
[4] Cost has already been multiplied by tech level modifier.

Adamant Armor

Quick notes on nominature: Adamant, Adamantine, Blue Crystal, and Essential Stone all refer to the same basic material. It's not like there's any authority in the wasteland who can decide once and for all what to call it.

Armor Locations DR TL Cost Weight Notes
Lightest Possible arms, torso, groin, legs 3/2* 1^ $2,700(x1) 19 [1]
Heavy Scales arms, torso, groin, legs 4/3* 1^ $3,700(x1) 25 [1]
Light Plate arms, torso, groin, legs 5 1^ $4,600(x1) 32
Plate Armor arms, torso, groin, legs 7 1^ $6,400(x1) 44
Heavy Plate arms, torso, groin, legs 10 1^ $9,100(x1) 64
Heaviest Possible arms, torso, groin, legs 15 1^ $14,000(x1) 98

[1] Counts as Flexible. Apply the second (lower) armor value vs Crushing attacks, and the first against anything else.

Lightest Possible: This is about as thin as you can make adamant and still have it provide some measure of protection. It's too thin to be formed into large plates at this thickness, so is typically used as material for a brigandine, splinted mail, scale mail, a lamellar, or similar construction, or as a lighter form of scrap armor.
Heavy Scales: While the stats are based on scale mail, this can represent any type of flexible armor, much like the listing above, only with thicker plates. While you can make scale mail or similar that is thicker than this, the thick plates quickly become unwieldy; which makes them function much like plate armor: slower to put on, but less vulnerable to crushing weapons.

Mix and Match

Players interested in more complexity fidelity may want to one type of armor on their limbs and another on the torso, or otherwise want to know how the armor weight and cost breaks down per limb.

Armor DR Torso or Legs Arms
Lightest Possible 3/2* $1,100, 7.5 lbs $500, 4 lbs
Heavy Scales 4/3* $1,500, 10 lbs $700, 5 lbs
Light Plate 5 $1,800, 13 lbs $1,000, 6 lbs
Plate Armor 7 $2,500, 18 lbs $1,400, 8 lbs
Heavy Plate 10 $3,700, 25 lbs $1,700, 14 lbs
Heaviest Possible 15 $5,500, 40 lbs $3,000, 18 lbs

Torso: Includes the groin. This is for a full covering, if you only want covering in the front (a breast plate) or want different levels of protection in front and back divide the cost and weight by 2.
Legs: This is for both legs, and does not cover the feet. If you absolutely want stone boots for some reason, their cost and weight are a tenth of covering the legs. Covering only one leg halves the cost and weight.
Arms: This is for both arms, and doesn't cover the hands. Gloves have the same cost and weight as boots (1/10th of torso armor); while there aren't any actual rules to that effect (at least in the books used by the campaign), non-flexible gloves limit the wearer to gripping the shaft of a melee weapon and are basically too inflexible for anything else. Again, half cost and weight when buying a single glove.
Neck protection: Protecting the neck with adamantine costs and weighs one tenth of protecting both arms. Usually, this will either be in the form of a ridge attached to the torso armor or a flexible surface dangling off a helmet, but players who want a punk style spiky collar of adamantine are welcome to use that instead.

Adamant Helmets

Adamantine is unfortunately a bit too brittle to make a good helmet material (when it's in its malleable state). As such, craftsmen are limited to building fairly heavy and material inefficient helmets. These helmets are at the upper end of what is comfortable to wear on your head for long periods of time, but thanks to their thickness they do actually provide quite a bit of protection.
Armor Locations DR TL Cost Weight Notes
Light Open Helm Skull 10 1^ $830(x1) 4.5
Heavy Open Helm Skull 15 1^ $1,200(x1) 7
Light Face-Concealing Helm Skull, Face 10 1^ $1,200(x1) 7 [1]
Heavy Face-Concealing Helm Skull, Face 15 1^ $1,900(x1) 10 [1]

[1] Gives the wearer the No Peripheral Vision disadvantage (B151) while worn.

Assembled Outfits

Armor DR (Torso & Groin) DR (arms,legs) TL Cost Weight Notes
Sturdy leathers 2 1* 2 $160(x1) 14 [1]
Light Scrap Armor 5F+3B 2, 3/2* 3 $685 31 [2,3]
Plate and scrap armor 5 4 3 $1,360 65
Medium scrap armor 6 4/2* 2 (6) $1,000(x1,x4) 44 [3,4]
Mixed plate armor 7 6 3 (6) $4,100(x1,x4) 55 [4,5]

[1] This armor is concealable. Either it is light enough to be hidden under clothing, or it just looks like clothing.
[2] DR values followed by a F or a B provide protection only from the Front or the Back respectively.
[3] Split DR; use the lower DR vs. crushing attacks, and the higher against anything else.
[4] Cost has already been multiplied by tech level modifier.
[5] A Cheap version, costing $1,640, is available. It has one less DR on all locations.

Sturdy leathers: This is a slightly heavier version of the Leather Outfit. It provides a little extra protection on the torso and groin (in the form of an extra layer or two of leather, or perhaps some light metal reinforcement), in exchange for a little extra weight and cost. [Leather Armor, Leather Leggings, Cloth Sleeves]
Light Scrap Armor: Light Scrap Armor is based on the idea that most attacks come from the front. As such, it is significantly more armored in front of the torso than it is in the back. This adds a little extra protection against the most common attacks. Of course, it doesn't really help if you are planning on fleeing tactically retreating or distrust those behind you. [Steel Breastplate, Half Light Scale Armor, studded leather skirt, heavy leather sleeves]
Plate and scrap armor: Scrap Metal armor (in simple armors above) This is perhaps the simplest of these more complex armors. It's slightly better protected against attacks to the chest or groin but otherwise provides fairly even protection. [Steel Laminate Armor, scale sleeves and leggings]
Medium scrap armor: Incorporating more modern materials (like kevlar, plastics, or aluminium) means this armor is significantly lighter than equivalent armors, but also more expensive and difficult to maintain. [Cheap Flak Jacket, Mail leggings, sleeves and loincloth (from low-tech)]
Mixed plate armor: If you've got the bullets, and can handle wearing 30kg of metal, kevlar, and plastic, mixed plate armor is for you. It's heavy as sin, but not as bad as low tech armors. It's expensive as all hell, but not as bad as higher tech armors. [Flak jacket, Plate arms, legs and loincloth (from low-tech)]


Armor DR (skull) DR (face) TL Cost Weight Notes
Coif 4/2* 0 2 $55(x1) 4 [1]
Hard Hat 4/2 0 7 $400(x8) 1 [2,3]
Cheap Motorcycle Helmet 5/2 0 7 $640(x8) 3.5 [2,3]
Motorcycle Helmet 6/3 1 7 $2,000(x8) 3.5 [2,3]
Frag Helmet 5 1 7 $1,200(x8) 4.5 [3,4]

[1] Split DR; use the lower DR vs. crushing attacks, and the higher against anything else.
[2] Split DR; use the HIGHER DR vs. crushing attacks, and the higher against anything else.
[3] Cost has already been multiplied by tech level modifier.
[4] Provides Protected Vision while worn.

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