Area Knowledge

As area knowledge can cover whatever area the player wants, we feel it's useful to have a list of areas which may be applicable for the campaign.

Neighborhood Examples

The United Front's Fort: This is the home base for most of the campaign.

Barony, County, Duchy, or Small Nation

Lyon: The local region. Technically, the French call this Rhône-Alpes, but it's the area around Lyon.
Marseille: The region to the South. Mountains, highlands, and forests.
Clermont-Ferrand: The region to the West. Mostly woodlands, with the occasional swamp.
Dijon: The region to the North. Mostly open plains, with some forests.
Geneva: The region to the East. Mostly mountain.

Large Nations

France: The campaign is set on the French side of of the border between France and Switzerland.
Switzerland: The closest neighboring country.
Italy: It's a country to the south.

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