Ammo And Power Cells
Item Cost (Each) Weight (Each) Shots per lb Cost per pound Notes
Arrow $2 0.1lbs 10 $20 [1]
Crossbow Bolt $2 0.05lbs 20 $40 [1]
Pistol/SMG Cartridge $5 0.025lbs 40 $200 [2]
Rifle/LMG Cartridge $10 0.05lbs 20 $200 [2,3]
Shotgun Cartridge $10 0.05lbs 20 $200 [2]
High Caliber Cartridge $50 0.25lbs 4 $200 [2,3]
Paper Cartridge $1 0.05lbs 20 $20
Flamethrower Fuel $5 2lbs 0.5 $2.5
Power Pack (C class) $300 0.5lbs 2 $600
Power Pack (D class) $3,000 5 lbs 0.2 $600

[1] Might be recoverable after being fired. Scrounging or Search is used to locate any projectiles which missed their mark and flew into a bush somewhere or similar. Make a HT roll1 for each recovered projectile to see if it survived.
[2] The casing may be recovered and reloaded after firing. See Wastelanders pg. 32.2
[3] The line between a Rifle/LMG Cartridge and a High Caliber Cartridge is at 9d of damage. If a rifle deals 9d or more, it uses High Caliber Cartridges.

Paper Cartridge: A small packet which contains enough blackpowder for a single shot, a lead ball and paper wadding. In short, everything you need to reload a musket in one convenient package. Halves the listed reload time of any black-powder weapon (down to 8 actions for those listed on this page). This is cumulative with Quick reload.
Flamethrower Fuel: Enough napalm (or napalm like material) for a single shot with a flamethrower. Storage container not included.
Power Packs: Power packs are ultratech batteries. They're used in electric cars, in gauss and laser weapons, and in flashlights, radios, scanners, portable stoves, and just about everything else. A "C" class powerpack holds about 2kWh and the "D" class about ten times as much. To put that in perspective, a fully loaded "C" class will power an LED flashlight for about a week.

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